Gunter Gruben Gunter Gruben

Showing my father the world

This is my father. His name is Harm, and this portrait was taken in 1956 when he was a young 19 year old man. When he met my mother, they made a few trips through Europe. When they got married they had two children, my brother and me. Unfortunately, a lack of time and money made it impossible for them to go on more trips. With this art project I am trying to make sure that my father sees the rest of the world and meets other people. Would you be so kind to help me with that?

Please take a picture with the portrait of my father in it, of a place you think is worthwhile showing him. Upload this picture to It would be nice if you make record of the date and place where the picture was taken. And if you want, you can add your name to it! After you have uploaded your picture you can leave the card behind. Maybe someone else is kind enough to write a message on it and send my father back home!

Thanks a lot and best wishes